Netherlands Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Visa procedure of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The consular department assesses Schengen visa applications, MVV applications and Dutch Caribbean visa applications. This website provides information to applicants about how to apply for a visa, which requirements are asked, processing time, visa fees, appeal procedures etc.

Specific information is given regarding the procedures for family reunification with a person granted the asylum status in the Netherlands (Somalia counter).

Biometric data for Schengen visa

As of 6 June 2013 it is required that applicants for a Schengen visa will need to appear in person at Schengen countries’ consular points for the provision of biometric data, i.e. fingerprints and a photograph. The biographic and biometric data of persons applying for a Schengen visa will be stored in a new Visa Information System (VIS).

More information can be found on this website or click on It is of course possible to contact the consular department by phone or mail ( in case of questions.

Visa application form and required supporting documents

In the column on the right you can download an application form as well as the checklists with required documents for the various types of visa. The required documents have to be submitted by the visa applicant with the visa application. Documents sent by (e)mail or fax are not accepted, processed or linked to pending or future visa applications, unless approval has been given by the consular department (

Visa fee

At the time of submission of a visa application, the full applicable fee has to be paid. The fee will not be reimbursed in case the application is withdrawn or refused. The visa fee has to be paid in cash in the local currency, ETB, according the applicable exchange rate as used by the Embassy. The most up to date tariffs in ETB will be published at the publication boards of the consular department.

The applicable fee for a (regular) MVV-application can be found at the website of the IND, The applicable fee has to be transferred to the bank account of the IND and is not to be paid in or to the Embassy.

Reporting Back visa applicant

In case you are requested to report back a letter will be provided to you with the date before you have to report back at the Embassy. A request for reporting back will also be mentioned upon the visa-sticker.



There are 3 types of visas you can apply for. Check which one applies to you. See the information in the left menu.

The Netherlands Embassy is supporting the business community in Ethiopia with regard to visa procedures for travel to the Netherlands on a case to case basis. To better facilitate companies and make procedures more transparent and uniform, the Netherlands government has established the ‘Orange Carpet’ facility.