Netherlands Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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1 NFP Tailor-Made Training programme 2017

The Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) promote capacity building by providing training and education for professionals. The NFP was initiated and is fully funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the budget for development cooperation. EP-Nuffic is responsible for the management of the NFP.

2 Report and visual shorthand: Why do we need the African Union?

The need for mutual accountability, equal and respectful partnerships between European and African actors was fervently debated during a dynamic seminar in The Hague on the need of the African Union (AU). Also, a visual shorthand shows the role the AU has in tackling Africa’s challenges.

3 Migration as a challenge or opportunity?

Migration is perceived differently in Africa and Europe. Subsequently also policies relating to migration management differ: containment vs. facilitation of legal migration. By lack of legal opportunities, the ongoing illegal migration out of Africa is greasing human trafficking maffias and contributes to enormous human suffering and deaths.