Netherlands Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

What services can the Netherlands Embassy provide for companies?

Any Dutch company with an interest to invest in or trade with Ethiopia is supported by the Embassy. The Embassy can provide companies with general information, such as market information, regulations and contacts. This general information can be more extensive for the areas and sectors in which the Embassy is more active, such as agriculture.

Companies looking for business partners and/or agents can be provided with a list of contactdetails of companies and agents, noting that the Embassy has not contacted these potential partners. In case a more extensive research on business partners is required, companies can apply for a Business Partner Scan [hyperlink invoegen: ] (against payment) at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( In that case, the Embassy will identify, select and contact all potential business partners to find the best match for your company.

For Ethiopian or other companies seeking a business partner in the Netherlands, the Embassy and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency can assist with the use of a MatchMaking Facility. Information on this facility can be requested at the Embassy.

More hands-on support is provided to companies that receive financial support from the Netherlands government, or are in a partnership with the Netherlands government. In addition, the Embassy will pay additional attention to companies that contribute the the aid and trade agenda of the Embassy and the development goals. Companies in need of specific assistance or sensitive cases will be supported by the Embassy on a case by case basis.

Besides providing services to individual companies, the Embassy actively engages in dialogue with government institutions to facilitate an enabling business climate for starting, operating and expanding a business in Ethiopia. Examples are in the area of business registration and renewal, customs and tax, land and electricity.

Please don’t hesistate to contact the Embassy (economic section) to see how we can assist you!